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Memories Aicha Luxury Camp Review

I had an extraordinary experience in Jordan staying at the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp. From its breathtaking landscape and rich history, the country quickly won my heart. Although Memories Aicha Luxury Camp is a relatively new hotel in Wadi Rum, they are doing everything necessary to make your stay truly remarkable! The staff was phenomenal; their cuisine simply divine; both the design and details of the hotel were gorgeous; plus its location? Truly out of this world!

The Hotel

After driving from Amman, we arrived at the secluded and idyllic Aicha hotel around 1:00 pm. Nestled between two rugged rock faces not far off from Wadi Rum, each room of this destination feels separate yet still close to one another due to its innovative design.

After researching and reading countless reviews from each camp regarding their domes, I discovered that Memories Aicha's domes stand out amongst the rest. Unlike other camps in Wadi Rum, theirs are made with glass rather than plastic. This ensures the glass can be easily cleaned and is ideal for stargazing in the evening. Contrary to other camps, which use plastic that can become extremely dirty and opaque from the sand; something I noticed to be a major issue judging by all of their customer's reviews online.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter which room you choose because they are all breathtakingly beautiful! If possible, opt for one of the panoramic glass domes situated near the camp entrance as this will provide spectacular views throughout your stay. They do have plenty of luxury tents as well that are very spacious, but they don't have the same stargazing ability. Although they might not be as glamorous as the glass domes, they are more budget-friendly and you get almost all the same benefits, including the amazing location, delicious food, and outstanding service.

They also recently installed Wifi in their lounge this year, so we had no trouble staying connected to the outside world when we wanted to. But it was nice to just unplug and get away from our day-to-day lives during the rest of our stay.

The Room

We stayed in one of the panoramic luxury glass domes located near the entrance of the camp. Upon entering we were mesmerized by all of its features, including an extremely comfortable king-sized bed, a surprisingly large bathroom with a shower, and of course the jaw-dropping view of Wadi Rum! The room was also equipped with a minibar and air conditioning for those hot summer days. The curtains could also be easily drawn to ensure maximum privacy, which was great after a long day of exploring the valley.

Each dome is decorated eclectically and has plenty of space to move around in each room also has a private terrace with optional chairs for relaxing, as well as traditional Jordanian farwas (jackets) should the nights get cold. They looked like heavier bathrobes to me but they were super warm and comfortable.

Food & Cuisine

The food served at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp was superb! From traditional Jordanian dishes such as mansaf and hummus to western favorites like burgers and fries; there was something for everyone. Breakfast and dinner were both included, and they featured a massive all-you-can-eat buffet in the main dome. The chefs were incredibly talented and we could tell that they put a lot of passion into each dish. The flavors were remarkable, and they even offered vegan options.

They also have a lounge next to the main dome where they have some a la carte options for lunch and snacks, like shawarmas, falafel sandwiches, and salads. The snacks were especially popular with us as the evenings got colder. They also had various juices, smoothies, coffee, tea, and shisha (also called hubble-bubble).

Service and Hospitality

The service at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp was top-notch. From the moment we arrived, the staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. They were always willing to answer questions, help us out with anything we needed, and even gave us some great tips on what to do in the area!

The manager of the camp was particularly helpful. We originally wanted to arrange for a car at 5:00 am to take us out of the hotel so we could drive to Petra, but he insisted that we stay and have breakfast, so we wouldn't drive in the dark before sunrise, and he would arrange for the car to pick us up at 7:00 am. Our car ended up showing up 20 minutes late, and he insisted that he cover the cost for us. It was a small gesture, but it meant so much to us and showed how much they care about their customers.

Overall, our stay at Memories Aicha Luxury Camp was truly magical. From the breathtaking views to the delicious food and friendly staff; our experience was beyond anything we could have imagined! We will be back for more unforgettable memories soon!

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