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2023 Beach Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Are you getting ready for an upcoming beach vacation? You want to look stylish, but not overpack. That’s where the capsule wardrobe comes into play! A beach vacation capsule wardrobe is a selection of items that create multiple outfit combinations and can be mixed and matched throughout your trip.

By planning with a beach vacation capsule wardrobe, you can easily create multiple fashionable beach looks without having to take your entire closet. This blog will cover all the basics of what to pack for a beach vacation capsule wardrobe so you can look and feel your best during your beach getaway.

What to Think About When Building Your Beach Capsule Wardrobe

When you’re planning a beach vacation capsule wardrobe, there are some key things to consider. First, what kind of activities do you plan on doing while on vacation? Are you going swimming or playing volleyball? Taking leisurely walks around town? Going out for dinner and drinks? Thinking about these types of activities will help you determine which items you should include in your beach capsule wardrobe.

Second, consider the climate of where you’re going. Is it a hot, tropical destination? A cooler beach spot? Knowing this information will help you narrow down which pieces are best to wear and pack for your beach vacation.

Finally, think about the number of days you’ll be on vacation. Will you need one beach outfit for a day or two days? Or maybe even four to five beach looks? Knowing this will help you choose the pieces that are both versatile and easy to pack.

Now let’s go over what items should be included in your beach capsule wardrobe.


A beach vacation capsule wardrobe must include a few swimsuits. You’ll want to have at least two - one for swimming and another for lounging around the beach or pool. If your trip is longer, or you're planning on taking lots of photos, you may want to pack a few more as well, since they take up a small amount of space.

Neutral One Piece

A beach vacation capsule wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a neutral one-piece. Whether it’s a classic black suit or an eye-catching one with different strings and cut-outs, you’ll want to pack a one-piece that can be dressed up or down as needed. Here are some of the best one piece bathing suit looks for a beach capsule wardrobe.

Fun Bikinis

While a neutral one-piece is always classic, you should also include some fun bikinis to add color and style to your beach capsule wardrobe. Choose mix-and-match bikini sets with bold prints or striking colors like neon green and hot pink. This will ensure that you have plenty of different looks while on vacation. These are some of my favorites.


No vacation is complete without some comfortable and chic dresses. Whether you're taking a walk by the water or going out for brunch, having a few dresses on hand is necessary for a great vacation.

Flowy Dresses

A beach vacation capsule wardrobe should include some flowy dresses that can be worn to dinner, or around town. Pack one or two maxi dresses, as well as some swim cover-up dresses. Lightweight dresses are the most versatile cover-up and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. These dresses and cover-ups will take you from beach to beach bar in no time.


Rompers are an ideal beach capsule wardrobe item because they can be worn as a beach cover-up or dressy shorts. They’re super easy to pack and can easily transition from beach to night out. To keep your beach vacation capsule wardrobe stylish, you should opt for rompers with floral prints, bright colors, and fun details. These are some of my favorites.


When it comes to wardrobe staples, you’ll want to include a few tops. A beach vacation capsule wardrobe should have at least a few lightweight tank top and some breezy t-shirts.


Your beach capsule wardrobe should include some light and airy tops to pair with your swimsuits or beach cover-ups. Look for breezy, flowy tops that are lightweight and won’t take up too much space in your bag. Avoid anything too tight or heavy - you want something breathable so you don’t get too hot while relaxing on the beach. Consider items like light tank tops or tunics, or linen shirts to layer over a bikini top. If you’re planning on going out to dinner or doing any beach activities, it’s a good idea to bring one dressier top that you can dress up with accessories and jewelry.


Pack a few tanks to pair with your shorts, skirts, and beach cover-ups. Choose tanks in colors that coordinate with the other items in your beach wardrobe so you can mix and match them for different looks. Tanks provide a comfortable fit, allowing you to move freely when playing beach sports or exploring beachside towns. To keep cool and avoid UV rays, opt for lightweight fabrics with a UPF rating. With a few versatile tanks, you’ll have the perfect beach look no matter what type of beach vacation you’re embarking on!


When beach vacationing, it’s essential to have a few bottoms in your beach capsule wardrobe. Pack some beach-ready shorts, skirts, and swim cover-ups in lightweight fabrics.


When choosing bottoms to pack, you’ll want to pack lightweight shorts in denim or linen. These will keep you cool during hot days and can be dressed up with a shirt or dressy sandals to go out in the evening. Here are some of the closet staples that I always bring on vacation.


A beach capsule wardrobe should include at least a few skirts. These can be worn with shirts, tanks, and beach cover-ups to create a beach-ready ensemble. Choose skirts in lightweight fabrics and bright colors to add a tropical vibe to any vacation look. Sarongs are also great beach staples to wear over swimsuits as cover-ups. These are some of my favorite options to bring.


Having accessories are much needed when going on vacation. Choose beach hats, beach bags, beach towels, and sandals that match the items in your beach capsule wardrobe. Look for styles with neutral colors and bohemian vibes that add beach-ready style to every beach look.


Hats are essentials for the perfect vacation out on the sand. Opt for hats in neutral colors like tan and white, or cute prints like stripes or palm trees. These beach hats are must-haves for enjoying your time under the sun.

Bags and Purses

Bags will come in super handy on beach vacations. Look for bags in cute prints and styles that you can use to store the essentials, like sunscreen, water, and towels. Choose beach bags with multiple pockets and compartments to keep your stuff organized. For going out at night, having a cute smaller bag is perfect for dressing up.


It’s beach vacation 101: you need sunglasses. Choose sun-ready styles, like aviators or round frames for a chic look. Look for sunglasses with UV protection to keep your eyes safe from glare. I love large-frame sunglasses for beach days, as they provide extra protection from the sun.


The beach is the perfect place to show off your beach-ready style. Pack a few pieces of jewelry, like layered necklaces, beach bracelets, and earrings in fun beach-inspired colors. These pieces are essential for dressing up any beach look.


When vacationing, having a few shoes in your capsule wardrobe is essential. Flip-flops or sandals are must-haves for beach days, nights, and tropical exploration. Pack a pair of dressy sandals to wear with shirts and skirts during evenings out. These shoes will take your beach looks up a notch and can be worn on the sand, in towns, or even out to dinner.

Having the right beach capsule wardrobe will make beach vacationing a breeze. With these essentials, you’ll be beach-ready wherever your vacation takes you. Pack items that coordinate with your beach capsule wardrobe, add a few accessories and hit the beach in style. Happy vacationing!

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